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School in the Köllnische Heide


Stefan van Elsaecker

Hanselstr. 6

12057 Berlin - Neukölln

vice principal:

Mr Reich


Mrs. Vogt

Telephone: (030) 682 960 13

Fax: (030) 685 973 55

Coordinating educator:

Cornelia Gau

Web masters:

Yahya Durmaz

Responsible school authority:

State of Berlin represented by the

District Office Neukölln of Berlin

Represented by the department head of the school and sports office

Karl-Marx-Str. 83

12040 Berlin

Telephone: 030 90239 22 30

Fax: 030 90239 39 58


We have a data protection officer. You can reach him at:
Data Protection Officer
SenBJF 02/08 I DSB
Boddinstr. 34-38
12053 Berlin

Phone: (030) 90239 4445


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The school in the Köllnische Heide would like to present itself to you with an innovative and informative website.
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Gender note:

For all designations that refer to people, the chosen wording means both sexes, even if the masculine form was chosen for reasons of easier readability and comprehension.

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