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So that your child feels comfortable with us and can learn as well as possible, it is important that we – i.e. school and legal guardians – work well together. We enter into an educational partnership with your child.

Karte der Schulumgebung
Safe way to school

Our goal is for our children to walk to school and not be taken by car. Walking to school alone is an important step towards independence for children. But there are roads to cross and other obstacles to overcome.


That is why we recommend parents:
1. Walk your children to school and daycare and back!
2. Use the safe route: at the traffic lights on the corner of Jupiterstrasse and Hänselstrasse or through the bridge building over Sonnenallee.
3. Practice the way together with your child! Be a role model yourself.

This is how we reach our goal together and safely.

Transparente zum sicheren Schulweg
DieSchulApp Logo

Arriving at School

In order for school staff, children and legal guardians to be able to communicate with each other securely and in compliance with data protection regulations ( GDPR-compliant) , we use DieSchulApp . With it we can send messages and letters to the parents, chat with the children via text and video and assign tasks digitally and collect them again.

An app is required for use or you can use a web browser of your choice. When you first register in the app, you will receive an activation code that must be submitted to the school for activation on this form .

Alternatively, you can register by email and password.

You can also use the form for this.

Luma Learning Logo

Luma Learning

We work with the coaches from Luma Learning together, who organize the supplementary learning support as part of the education and participation package at our school. The learning support takes place in the afternoons in the school premises. Participation is free for children who have a Berlin Pass. Participation as a self-payer is also possible. If you are interested in supplementary learning support for your child, please contact the class teacher. We would be happy to advise you.

Interkulturelles Elternzentrum

Intercultural parent center

The inclusive parent-child center Köllnische Heide offers all families in the High Deck settlement and the surrounding area multilingual advice and exchange opportunities on a wide range of social issues. Joint festivals and activities with the neighborhood and our children's club "Washroom" are important to us.

The center offers, among other things:

  • multilingual advice on social issues and advice cafés

  • Mothers meeting Hanin & Jasmin

  • Open parent-child groups with early intervention offers (baby massage, music garden)

  • Child First Aid courses

  • creative meeting

  • cooking classes

Your contact persons :

Martha Kaufman and Jennifer Mey

  • Sports and sun families

  • Meeting point for parents with children with disabilities

  • General exchange and support with educational issues

  • Food and health

  • learning grants

  • themed lectures

  • language cafes

parent involvement

Not only the children are very welcome at our school, but of course also the legal guardians and the families of our children. We are happy to organize school life together with the parents.


Here's how you can participate:

  • Become a parent representative for your child's classes and thus also part of the overall parental representation (GEV). Our full parent representative Ms. Weiß will be happy to answer your questions.

  • Become a reading sponsor and read together with our children. Your contact person is Mrs. Kowalke .

  • Support us at events , e.g. B. in the organization of the school festival or accompany you on hiking days.

Kind zu Besuch beim Arzt

sick notes

If your child is ill, you must report it to the office on the first day by 8 a.m. at the latest .

You can do this by phone on: 030-68296013 or directly here online .

Please provide the following data:

  1. Who are you?

  2. Your child's first name and last name

  3. class of your child

  4. Class teacher or educator of your child

  5. How long is your child likely to be ill?


A written excuse must be submitted to the school by the third day of absence at the latest.

You can find a template here.


school registration

Register your child who will soon be of school age with us in the autumn before the start of school.
We always have two weeks of extra office hours for registrations right before the autumn holidays.

If you live in our catchment area, you will automatically receive the exact dates and times by post in advance. The letter also states which documents you need for registration and you will receive the registration forms from our school.

If you would like to transfer to our school, please contact the school responsible for you.
They will forward your request to the school authority and also inform us.

Use the area search to find your primary school.

Before the summer holidays, you will then receive a letter with all the important information about the school enrollment ceremony and the start of school after the summer holidays. The scheduled enrollment always takes place on the Saturday after school starts.

The website of the Senate Administration offers extensive information on school enrolment:

A Neukölln brochure in various foreign languages can be found here: Link

Kinder bei der Schulanmeldung
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